Click Solid Bamboo JAVA (Short)


Standard Click Solid Bamboo JAVA (Short)



From your child’s first steps to the college send-off, Java Fossilized® bamboo flooring keeps up with your ever-evolving lifestyle. Our most popular floor, Java is a warm, medium brown with stunning color variation -- complementing any decor style, from traditional to contemporary. Our Java flooring is designed to be installed once, but enjoyed forever.


Most popular for DIYers, click lock installation system is designed to easily snap together. Wide planks offer a more contemporary, expansive look.


 3 cartons minimum 68.07 sq/ft - No added shipping costs-
 More than 500 sq/ft Call for discount 734-214-3000.
 Each Carton is 22.69 sq/ft

Brand.                 Cali Bamboo®
Model Number    7006003800
Construction       Solid
Milling                 Click Lock
Grain                   Fossilized® Strand Bamboo
Plank Length       36 inches
Plank Width         3-3/4''
Plank Thickness   7/16''
Finish                 10 Coat Durability Sealing System