Charlie Laundry Powder


Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder 2.64lb - 80-100 Washes

(2.64 lb Bag: CHA-41701)


100 full sized loads of laundry at less than 30 cents per load. 1000 full sized loads (4 Gallon) that's 13 cents a load! (Refills available at our store in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a reduced price)

Only 1 TABLESPOON per large wash-load - that's all! This is not an additive. All of the features of Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid but more concentrated! One of the highest rated detergents for washing cloth diapers!

Hypoallergenic - leaves no residue - perfect for babies and those who have sensitive skin. Dissolves completely. Biodegradable. More convenient and portable than a liquid. Front-loader / HE compatible. And no need to use Fabric Softener

Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder is a revolutionary approach to laundry care. It does not cover up stains and odors with scents and brighteners - it really cleans. It is made with a unique blend of biodegradable coconut-based detergents and high-grade, completely soluble, Green River washing soda.


• A clear, scent-free laundry powder that cleans thoroughly, rinses completely, and leaves no residue. One (1) tablespoon per large load!
• Dissolves quickly in cool water. Safe for all HE machines. Apply directly to clothes and close the door.
• Hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.
• Non-toxic & completely biodegradable.
• Safe and effective for all fabrics, including silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech micro fibers.
• Contains no clays, dyes, phosphates, ultraviolet brighteners or perfumes.
• Will not fade your colors.
• Removes entrapped odors from athletic wear.

Charlie's Soap is friendly to all earth, air, and marine life because it contains only the purest, most biodegradable, natural ingredients. It contains NO lye, NO phosphates, NO bleach, NO brighteners, NO dyes, NO softeners, NO petroleum, NO fillers, and NO perfume.

(For First Time Users) Run an empty load (or perhaps some old rags) with the recommended amount (twice what you would use for a full load) of Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid or Powder. If your first load is cloth diapers, rinse machine twice. This will clear your washing machine of any residue left by previously used detergents and keep them from redepositing on your clothes.

Charlie’s Soap pays attention to what is and what isn’t in our products. You won’t find brighteners to falsely pop colors or mask dirt. You also won’t find (or need to add) softeners because Charlie’s cleans and rinses out every type of dirt and grime; leaving nothing but soft, clean fabrics.

Added bonus: Charlie’s Soap green laundry detergents clean out the inner parts of your washing machine, removing the gunk other detergents leave behind. Just follow the directions for first-time users on our Charlie’s Soap label, and you’ll never deal with gunky buildup again!

Plus, Charlie’s Soap is safer for waterways and septic fields because it degrades naturally, dissolves perfectly, and can help fats, oils, and greases flush more easily.


Add one ounce directly in the tub or dispenser. Set water temperature anywhere from cold to hot. For extra-dirty clothes, add another scoop.

Natural Laundry Powder 100 Loads Product Details

CONCENTRATED – Low dose formula makes for efficient washing because there’s less detergent to rinse away.

SAFE WASHING – Silk delicates to greasy overalls all come clean with Charlie’s. Just wash them separately!

CLEAN RINSE – Charlie’s rinses completely clean. Clothes are as soft and fresh as they can possibly be.

HYPOALLERGENIC – Those with skin sensitive to allergens will appreciate Charlie’s ingredients, which won’t irritate skin.

BIODEGRADABLE – Safer down the drain, whether headed to your backyard septic tank or municipal sewer works.


Repeated washing with many detergents can leave residues in both washing machine and clothes that can irritate sensitive skin. Charlie's Soap gently removes those residues as it deep cleans your laundry.

1. Deep clean your washer by washing a load of rags with one tablespoon of Laundry Powder.
2. Deep clean your laundry by washing the same load a few times in a row, each time with another ounce.
3. Use only Charlie's Soap products and both your laundry AND your machine will stay deeply cleaned and odor free.


Many HE washers can clean with less water than traditional top-loading washers. Charlie’s Soap is perfect for them. However, some HE machines are inefficient with use of lower levels of water and thus need a little help.

• Leave washer on the Heavy Soil setting for extra agitation. Consider adding soft, plastic, knobby dryer balls to improve agitation.
• If your washer rarely uses enough water, use the Bulky cycle or add a wet towel to the wash.
• Add Charlie’s Soap directly to the clothes - in the tub instead of through the dispenser. Be sure the washer doesn’t drain the drum before starting its wash cycle.
• Double rinse.
• With all front loaders, leave door open to prevent odor.


Sodium Carbonate (497-19-8); C12-16 Pareth-9 (68551-12-2), C10-14 Alcohol Ethoxylates (66455-15-0), Sodium Metasilicate (6834-92-0)

Made in the USA.