Cali Vinyl PRO CLASSIC Medium Colors

Commercial-grade durability meets hardwood beauty
Timeless Beauty. Digitally Remastered.®

Sqft./Box 23.77 sqft. - 3 boxes minimum = 71.31 sq/ft

Plank sizes: 48" x 7 1/8" x 5.5mm

No added shipping costs-More than 500 sq/ft Call for discount 734-214-3000.

Cali Vinyl Pro - Designed Pro-Tough with a 50 Year Residential Warranty, 20 mil Wear Layer, 100% Waterproof with a GeoCore Limestone Composite Spine , Requires no Acclimation and has a Rapid Locking System.

Cali Vinyl Pro® is special forces flooring made for the professional who demands domineering strength, faster installations, and a 100% waterproof construction. Each plank is fortified by GeoCore®, a backbone of limestone composite that resists indentation and enables a stronger rapid locking system. Backed by a 50 year residential warranty, flooring installs in half the time and requires zero acclimation.

Model Number 7904220100 Sunset Koa Click Here (picture 1)

Inspired by the sumptuous hardwood of the native Hawaiian koa tree, this butter-smooth wood grain vinyl features a blend of rich toffee tones. Intricate HiFi Imaging captures the character and highly desired color of true Koa wood without jeopardizing any treasured natural resources. Designed with an extra durable construction and the strongest rapid locking system, this flooring makes for quick indoor transformations.

Model Number 7904220300 Moonlit Mango Click Here (picture 2)

Serenely smooth and mysterious, the smoky undertones of these dark sand-colored planks leave them infused with enchantment. Bring that tropical magic to your interior design with this mixed wood vinyl plank that features double the pattern variety and richly detailed HiFi Imaging. A limestone composite core provides commercial-grade durability and a stronger rapid locking system for quick, easy installations.

Model Number 7904108500 Classic Acacia Click Here (picture 3)

This lvp flooring is 100% waterproof and features exotic hardwood grain imagery with twice the pattern variety for a more natural look. A tougher construction and improved rapid locking system mean installations take half the time as other luxury vinyl planks, all with the most beautiful high fidelity imaging.

Model Number 7904108800 Mocha Eucalyptus Click Here (picture 4)

An especially vibrant wood grain, the rich character of eucalyptus hardwood is captured by precise HiFi Imaging down to the tiniest detail. 100% waterproof planks require no acclimation and bear a bright, natural look with double the pattern variety. A more resilient update on old linoleum wood flooring, this luxury vinyl is extra durable and sports a scratch-resistant wear layer to keep it looking great through thick and thin.

Model Number 7904108000 Saddlewood Click Here (picture 5)

This warm copper colored vinyl hardwood flooring is 100% waterproof and features commercial grade durability with a scratch resistant wear layer. An improved, rapid locking system and stronger construction mean planks install faster and with zero acclimation required, yielding the easiest click vinyl flooring around.

Model Number7904108400 Redefined Pine Click Here (picture 6)

Hardwood grain embossing and HiFi Imaging give this rustic vinyl flooring the same feel and character as reclaimed pine flooring. A 100% waterproof construction, 50% stronger GeoCore stability, and improved rapid locking system guarantees commercial-grade performance.


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