Engineered Bamboo BOARDWALK


Engineered Bamboo BOARDWALK

Shipping Included

3 cartons minimum

Featuring Eco-Engineered™ Technology
Safe for basement application
13-coat scratch resistant finish
Ultra-low VOC
50-year residential warranty

Bring a touch of the seashore to your home with Boardwalk Fossilized engineered hardwood floors. A silver driftwood color conjures memories of salt air and sun-warmed sand -- making every room an escape. Planks are lightly distressed as if by the elements, but with a scratch resistant finish and off-the-chart Janka hardness score, Boardwalk Fossilized engineered flooring is made to stand the test of time. Among a sea of grey flooring options, Boardwalk promises the most unique and natural luxury.


* WIDE T&G (7013009300) Box 27.28 sq/ft

Preferred by most contractors, traditional T&G (tongue & groove) flooring allows for glue down, nail down, or floating installation. Wide planks offer a more contemporary, expansive look.

Plank Length 72-7/8 inches
Plank Width 5-3/8''
Plank Thickness 5/8''

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* WIDE CLICK (7013009200) Box 21.50 sq/ft

Most popular for DIYers, click lock installation system is designed to easily snap together. Wide planks offer a more contemporary, expansive look.

Plank Length 72-7/8"
Plank Width 5-5/16''
Plank Thickness 9/16'' 

*WIDE+ T&G (7012009300)- BOX 22.70 sq/ft

Plank Length 72-7/8"
Plank Width 7-1/2''
Plank Thickness 5/8'' 

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