Marmoleum Modular Tiles


Forbo Marmoleum Modular Tiles

modern design with outstanding functionality

A powerful trend flooring - even for high traffic areas.

Multiple sizes all 0.1" thick



Our Marmoleum Modular collection presents sustainable linoleum tiles and Planks

in various sizes & designs that allows you to create stunning floor designs.

The planks and tiles are created around visuals of wood, concrete, stone and marble

and can be used to mix and match or on their own,

both delivering a beautiful sustainable floor.

Available in

10"x10" Box of 40 tiles or 26.91 sq/ft for $180.00

10"x20" Box of 40 tiles or 53.82 sq/ft for $360.00

20"x20" Box of 20 tiles or 53.82 sq/ft for $360.00

10"x20" Striato Box of 40 tiles or 53.82 sq/ft for $385.00

20"x20" Striato Box of 20 tiles or  53.82 sq/ft for $385.00

10"x40" Striato Box of 12 tiles or 32.29 sq/ft for $329.00


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