Rubio Maintenance UMO


Universal Maintenance Oil


A universal maintenance oil used for protecting and refreshing the color of oiled wooden surfaces. The maintenance frequency depends on the intensity of the floor traffic. It is advisable to apply this treatment just before the oil fades. Available in a wide range of colors.

Use only as directed in the Technical Data Sheet below.

Technical Specifications:

-Basis: a mixture of natural oils and hard wax

-Consistency: liquid

-Flash point cc (astm d93): > 65°C

-Fixed dust percentage: > 75 %

-Density: 0.93 - 1.4 g/cm3

-VOC: 0 g/l


0,5 l = 75 – 100 m2 (depending on wear)

Use very little product to prevent the floor from becoming sticky

*These usages are merely indicative. Results depend on wood type and method of preparation. It is always recommended to make a sample in order to calculate the exact usage.

Technical Data Sheet and Product Instructions


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