Rubio Monocoat 2C Oil Plus - Silver Grey


Natural Oil Products - (Silver Grey)

One Coat Natural Oil Finish (Oil Plus 2C - Finish + Accelerator - 1.3L)

Contains 0% VOC or other harmful chemicals

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a product of the newest generation which colors your wood and protects it in one layer. The combination of the oil (A) and the accelerator (B) guarantee a quick drying. Can also be applied as renovation and maintenance oil on surfaces which are oiled with RMC.

Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is applied in one layer and cures in 7 days.

It is always recommended to use Part B on Horizontal Applications.



1.3 liter of Monocoat Natural Oil can cover an average of 450 sq. ft. with one application.


3 gallons (11.4 liters) of Conventional Finishes and three applications are needed to achieve the same result.


Specific Features

- Molecular bonding with the wood: durable protection!

- 100 % VOC-FREE!

- Respects the natural ‘look and feel’ of the wood

- Low consumption

- 1 liter for 30 to 50 m2

- No starting marks or overlaps

- Easy to maintain

- Doesn’t contain water

- Applies to all kinds of wood, on furniture and floors

- (solid wood, veneer wood, MDF, etc...)

- Durable protection, highly resistant to wear

- Water-resistant: (suited for application in kitchens, bathrooms)

- Resistant to heat until 100 °C

- Fast curing.


***Do not use this product without consulting the full instruction and technical sheet below***

Technical Data Sheet and Product Instructions