Marmoleum Sheet MARBLED


Marmoleum Marbled 2.5 mm

Defining natural spaces. Discover the natural beauty of this sustainable flooring choice.

The  new Marmoleum Marbled collection enhances the classic marbled pattern

into 5 intriguing organic structures in a large range of colors.

Its blend of colors provides a versatile floor design and combines

perfectly with other surfaces such as woods and stones.

Explore our Marbled ranges Real, Fresco, Vivace, Splash & Terra.

1- The Classic Marmoleum Real $4.70 sq/ft

2- The Balanced Marmoleum Fresco $4.70 sq/ft

3-The Strong Color Blend Marmoleum Vivace $4.70 sq/ft

4-The more Subtle Splash Collection $4.70sq/ft

5- The Earthy Color Marmoleum Terra $4.70 sq/ft


Link to Real Colors by Forbo

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Link to Terra by Forbo