GS Collection 3" Caribbean Rosewood


3" Natural Caribbean Rosewood from The Great Southern Wood Collection


Shipping $99.00 to business or $199.00 to job site

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  • Caribbean Rosewood

  • Prefinished with Clear UV Semi-gloss
  • Engineered Wood Flooring (3-Layer)
  • 9/16" x 3" x RL 12" - 84"
  • avg. 36". Mixed Grain
  • Select Grade
  • Milled Square Edges/Ends
  • FSC Mix 76%
  • SCS-COC-000007

Carton Size: 21.00 Sq.ft./Carton

Price $9.01 per sq/ft

Eco Properties

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Market NameRosewood, Caribbean 


Familiar Name of the Wood Species: Caribbean Rosewood

Thickness (in inches): 9/16”

Width (in inches): 3”

Wear Layer Cut: Sawn

Wear Layer (mm): 3.2

Finish Type: Aluminum oxide enhanced urethane

Profile of edges and ends: Square Edges - Square Ends

Surface Treatment: Smooth

Color Name: Natural

Color Change: Caribbean Rosewood exhibits a medium degree of color change, with the muting of the color variation and some darkening over time.  

Color Range: Caribbean Rosewood provides an extreme range of color variability. This wood ranges from cream colored, flame type, swirls on through to gold/orange highlights on top of a medium brown background with black striping.  

Where To Use: Caribbean Rosewood may used both residentially or commercially wherever the signature look of this unique specie is desired.